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Monday: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Tuesday: Barrett Sallee, Daily Dish with Don Wade of the Memphis Daily News, Two and a Half Questions

Wednesday: Jerry Palm, Sigmund Bloom, Dinner and a Movie

Thursday: Tigers Coach Mike Norvell, Two and a Half Questions, AutoZone Liberty Bowl Inside College Football Hour

Friday: 10 in a Row


PODCAST: Sports 56 Middays

  • Middays (June 26 Hour 1)
    Greg and Eli talk to University of Memphis Athletic Director Tom Bowen, discuss the NBA free agency, Grizzlies draft and more.
  • Middays (June 23 Hour 3)
    Eli discusses the Memphis Grizzlies worst draft picks, wingspans, and gives you one final thing to get you thru the weekend.
  • Middays (June 23 Hour 2)
    Eli breaks down the picks from the NBA Draft, tries to figure out what the Bulls were thinking trading Jimmy Butler, and more.
  • Middays (June 23 Hour 1)
    Eli discusses the fallout from the NBA Draft and tries to figure out why we name hurricanes and tropical storms.
  • Middays (June 22 Hour 3)
    eli welcomes Mike Decourcy to the program to discuss why he feels Rick Pitino and Louisville got off easy, what to expect from the draftees in the NBA draft and more.
  • Middays (June 22 Hour 2)
    Eli rails against unwritten rules and is joined by Zack Cozart of the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Middays (June 22 Hour 1)
    Eli discusses the NBA draft and more with Chris Mannix.
  • Middays (June 21 Hour 1)
    Eli is joined by Mike Miller for the whole first hour to talk all things sports.



Mike Miller joins Eli for a full hour to discuss his relationship with Lebron James, being drafted, highlights from his career, resting players, his golf game, and more.

Ian Clark 2017.jpg

Eli welcomes Golden State Warriors guard, NBA Champion and Memphian Ian Clark to the show.  They discuss the championship parade, champagne, his career so far and more.