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Monday: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Tuesday: Alex Martin Smith, Daily Dish with Don Wade of the Memphis Daily News, Two and a Half Questions

Wednesday: Jerry Palm, Sigmund Bloom, Dinner and a Movie

Thursday: Tigers Coach Mike Norvell, Brandon Lang, Two and a Half Questions, AutoZone Liberty Bowl Inside College Football Hour

Friday: Todd Fuhrman, Barrett Sallee, 10 in a Row


PODCAST: Sports 56 Middays

  • Middays March 23 hr 3
    The guys talk Tigers basketball recruiting, play 10 in a row, and give you one final thing for your weekend.
  • Middays March 23 hr 2
    The guys discuss the Grizzlies embarrassing loss to the Hornets, Alabama football with John Talty, text messages from John Currie and more.
  • Middays March 23 hr 1
    Greg and Eli discuss the Sweet 16, Michigan 's dominance, Cal complaining about the refs,and talk to Elliot Perry.
  • Middays March 22 hr 3
    The guys discuss the Sweet 16 match-ups, talk USC Trojans football with head coach Clay Helton, give you one final thing and more.
  • Middays March 22 hr 2
    The guys talk NBA, Grizzlies, and more.
  • Middays March 22 hr 1
    Greg and Eli talk to Penny Hardaway about Tigers basketball, Brandon Lang about the NCAA tournament, and more.
  • Middays March 21 hr 3
    Don Wade joins the show to talk Tigers basketball and Greg and Eli discuss proper etiquette when finding a wallet.
  • Middays March 21 hr 2
    The guys talk Sweet 16 with Jerry Palm, play dinner and a movie and more.


Clay Helton in 2013.jpg

Clay Helton joins Greg and Eli to discuss Sam Darnold's pro day, the Trojans off season, the demise of the name Jerome, and more.


Ricky Lefft comes on Middays with Gred and Eli to discuss Memphis head men's basketball coach Tubby Smith's job performance so far, Keelon Lawson, overall attendance for games, and more.




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